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Approaching a counsellor can feel a daunting prospect, but I believe that when you do it is the relationship and joint endeavour between you and your counsellor that can help you gain clarity and provide the support to explore painful issues, life choices or difficulties that you are experiencing. Taking care of our well-being is an important part of our self development, not only in our current life but also for our future life. As part of my approach to counselling I am committed to creating a warm, safe, confidential and empathetic space in which to work.

Counselling can give time and an opportunity to develop an insight and understanding of how you exist in the world and encourage you to explore aspects of your life that may be inhibiting personal growth. It can provide new ways to move forward.

This insight is what can make change possible as our patterns of behaviour are explored and understood and as a consequence it becomes easier to make new choices and decisions.

I understand that the counselling work can be challenging and painful at times but for most people counselling is a life changing, positive experience that creates greater self-awareness and understanding of our world.

The model that I follow is Integrative Counselling, this means that I draw upon a range of theories; Humanistic, Psychodynamic and Gestalt to support my work.

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